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Welcome to the forums of Silvermoon EU guild Rome in a Day.

Rome in a Day is a mature heroic/mythic raiding guild, with main raiding twice a week, Monday and Thursday from 20:30 to 00:00 server time. We aim to progress through each level of new content in a timely way before the next tier is released.  We finished the first tier of Legion at 6/7 Emerald Nightmare mythic and 3/3 Trials of Valor heroic. Our raid team finished WoD at 13/13 HFC mythic, Mists at 12/14 Siege of Orgrimmar heroic (now mythic) and Cata at 8/8 Dragon Soul heroic.  We play a great deal of group content together, such as alt/normal runs, mythic and mythic+ dungeons, world quests, and so on.

Rome was started in Wrath and we have raided in some capacity every tier since Trial of the Crusader, though formal raiding began in ICC. We've always been friendly and we help each other out when we can.  Some of us know each other in real life, many of us do not. Not all guild members are regular raiders but the majority are.  We are not a PvP guild, nor are we on a PvP server, but a number of our members do the occasional battleground or arena.  

We are presently interested in the following classes/specs: Priest, Ele Shaman, MM/BM Hunter, Death Knight, and Demon Hunter, though we will of course consider all exceptional applications. We do not recruit players without two viable specs, and prefer non-pures to be able to fulfil two roles (i.e. DPS / Healer). Click the link to the left of this message to apply.

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16th January 2017

by Green with Envy, 24 hours ago

Last raid before Nighthold. Only two bosses left in EN Mythic. Would we make that last little bit of progress? Could we kill a mind-controlled demigod? After all, as my dagger is so fond of telling me, warping the mind of a demigod is no mean feat.

Mean feat or no, this evening Cenarius Mythic bit the dust!

Congratulations everyone on the first tier of Legion, well done. Time to read up on Nighthold and pwn some elves! And, as ever, grats to those who got loot and good night and good luck.

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